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    Would love to create a master list of everyone’s favorite video stores in the greater LA area. Not sure if there’s a better term for it, but I feel like “Video Store” can encompass any place that sells OR rents dvd, vhs, and movie related materials, etc.

    To get the ball rolling with some of the obvious (and not so obvious):

    Places that feature titles to rent and/or buy:
    – Cinefile Video (West LA) – kind of the gold standard IMO with an impeccable selection. These guys were the first to sell those Cine-metal shirts we all know and love
    – Videotheque (Pasadena) – I actually think this may have a better selection than Cinefile, or perhaps a better curated space (with more sq. footage). They also sell good records and cool shirts as well, no one ever seems to mention that.
    – Vidiots (Santa Monica) – Similar to the 1st two in terms of dvd selection
    – Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee (Burbank) – AMAZING collection of VHS rentals. I believe it’s a 9:1 VHS to DVD ratio. So y’know, it’s heaven on earth.
    – Video Paradiso (Claremont) – haven’t been here yet but hear good things!

    Places that feature titles to buy:
    – Amoeba Records (Hollywood) – again sort of the gold standard, chances are if you’re looking for it, they have it. Also free shipping online for the lazy.
    – Foreign Exchange Blu Ray Imports (Culver City) – Great little store for hard to find import Blu-rays. Found some great titles here from an amazing Rivette set to early Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Hong Sang Soo, etc.
    – Mt. Analogue (Highland Park) – more of a record store but def a hidden gem for Czech New Wave films, occult films, other oddities and film ephemera. Found a really amazing pamphlet here once of an interview from the 70’s between Roger Ebert and Werner Herzog after a screening of Kaspar Hauser

    Any of your favorites this list is missing?


    Great list!

    A few other record stores with great sections of movies for sale:

    Atomic Records (North Hollywood) – all used records, cds & dvds with a huge wall of dvds at a nice price

    CD Trader (Tarzana) – this cool store on Ventura Blvd in the valley has a large selection & good turnover of used dvds & blu-rays

    For bookstores with large selections of film text, there’s no better place to be than Los Angeles

    Larry Edmunds Bookshop (Hollywood) – a massive selection of movie books, scripts, posters and memorabilia located on Hollywood Blvd a short walk away from the Egyptian.

    The Iliad (North Hollywood) – my favorite bookstore in town with a large, ever-changing, wide-ranging collection of just about anything you could want.

    The Last Bookstore (Downtown) – the hugest bookseller on the list is sort of the “Amoeba for books” in So-Cal. Plus they have dvds, records and just about everything else.

    Book Castle Movie World (Burbank) – if you love to dig, this is your spot. Tons of books, magazines, movie memorabilia, movies and whatever else you can uncover.


    All awesome suggestions! Love Last Bookstore and Larry Edmunds, will definitely have to check out the rest.


    Well, I am currently lucky enough to be doing a pretty wonderful project with Vidiots that is involving VHS preservation. I will be able to talk about it in more detail as it gets further along, but as it stands, if anyone wants to know anything about the VHS collection at Vidiots, I may be able to help you out a little bit! <3


    “Vidiots struggles to survive with biker films, cult classics and stuff you’ve never heard of ” – LA Times


    Thanks for posting that, Phil!
    I’d also like to point out that the other archivist that they mention in that article is Marc Edward Heuck, another blogger here at the New Beverly blog, and while the project was proposed and is being headed by myself through the company that I am associated with, there is 100% NO WAY EVER that I would be able to do it without his mad film skillz!

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