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    I’d love to see a James Bond series over the summer!


    Would love to see more James Bond in 35 mm! Especially to honor the recent passing of Roger Moore. An all day or all night marathon perhaps?


    Oh man, that would be fun. I’d love to see a marathon featuring one installment of each Bond actor.


    Holy smokes, that would be incredible. If it was the FIRST installment for each Bond actor, you’d have the best film for each of them (arguably, and those are the best arguments), except for Dr. No of course. Fun!


    Experienced that double bill last (Saturday) night. While the latter is far from one of my favorite Bond films, there’s a certain charm that comes from seeing the “Jaws films” together on the big screen.

    I also second the notion there be more 007 double bills. I remember the Cinematheque ran double bills in 2012, all on 35, leading up to the release of “Skyfall” and “Skyfall” ran as a print in 2013 at the Cinefamily for a night.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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