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    “Netflix has announced the new films and TV shows that will be available on the streaming service in April 2019, and it’s a pretty eclectic bunch. For those looking to do a Quentin Tarantino deep-dive in anticipation of his new movie this summer, the “extended version” of The Hateful Eight will arrive—which I assume is the “roadshow” version of the film, that comes complete with an intermission. ”

    I personally really dig The Hateful Eight and look forward to being able to compare the 2 versions at home, especially to spot the different takes QT uses in each version of the film. To my knowledge, the roadshow version has never been available in any format digitally.


    I’m not sure which versions have been available streaming and on blu-ray, so if you do, feel free to chime in.

    #46332 lets us know that the new streaming version of The Hateful Eight is a “four-episode miniseries”.

    ” Ranging in length from 50 minutes to 56 minutes each, the episodes are titled “Last Stage to Red Rock,” “Minnie’s Haberdashery,” “Domergue’s Got a Secret” and “The Last Chapter.” For those of you keeping score at home, the first three of these correspond to the same chapters as titled in the film’s theatrical release. “The Last Chapter,” meanwhile, is a combination of the original’s final two chapters, “The Four Passengers” and “Black Man, White Hell.” Meanwhile, the second chapter, “Son of a Gun,” is included in “Last Stage to Red Rock.” ”


    Is anyone actually out there or is it just me writing and Phil reading? I’d like to believe that there are lurkers out there too…


    QT spilled the beans here:

    “So Netflix came to us and said, “Hey, look, if you’d be interested…If there’s even more footage, if you’d be interested in putting it together and in a way that we could show it as three or four episodes, depending on how much extra footage you have, we’d be willing to do that.”

    And I thought, wow, that’s really intriguing. I mean, the movie exists as a movie, but if I were to use all the footage we shot, and see if I could put it together in episode form, I was game to give that a shot, give that a try.

    And so about a year after it’s released, maybe a little less, me and my editor, Fred Raskin, we got together and then we worked real hard. We edited the film down into 50 minute bits, and we very easily got four episodes out of it. We didn’t re-edit the whole thing from scratch, but we did a whole lot of re-editing, and it plays differently. Some sequences are more similar than others compared to the film, but it has a different feeling. It has a different feeling that I actually really like a lot. And there was a literary aspect to the film anyway, so it definitely has this “chapters unfolding” quality.”

    Sounds cool to me, I’ll watch it soon and look out for that extra 20ish minutes.


    Jeff, I can confirm that far more people are checking out the forum than posting would indicate.


    As a lurker, I can confirm this.


    Not gonna lie, I would honestly love if it was revealed QT has a print of this available with the Overture, original chapter headings and intermission. If this version was announced to play at the Bev, I’d camp out in front the day of the screening.


    QT does have a print with the overture, original chapter headings, and intermission. It is the 35mm Roadshow print that exclusively plays at the New Bev occasionally. (Not the new Netflix version. No known prints of that one.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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