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    Anyone else have directors they’d like to see showcased?

    I’d love to see a pairing of films by Katt Shea, particularly Poison Ivy (1992) and Streets (1990). A double feature of Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls (1989) and The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) would also be awesome. She’s one of the great unheralded genre filmmakers of the ’90s and I was always disheartened that she never got a better shot at the big leagues. Seeing Stripped to Kill (1987) in 35mm last year at Cinefamily was a real eye-opener.


    One of the great cinematographers of the ’80s is now one of the best directors working in television. But in between, Ernest Dickerson made a string of fun pics that show he’s a hardcore genre fan at heart. I’d love to see a double of his two horror flicks – Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995) and Bones (2001)


    It would be amazing to see a double bill of films directed by longtime character actor / movie maker Bill Duke, especially a pairing of two of his ’90s crime pics starring Laurence Fishburne – Deep Cover (1992) & Hoodlum (1997)


    One editor defined the cinema of my youth. Mark Goldblatt edited The Terminator, Commando, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, T2, The Last Boy Scout and Super Mario Bros. He worked on Piranha, The Howling and Enter the Ninja. He shaped Showgirls and Starship Troopers and was second unit director on RoboCop. However, he only directed two movies. But they’re fun ones that would make a cool double: Dead Heat (1988) & The Punisher (1989)


    Gillian Armstrong (My Brilliant Career and Starstruck)

    Peter Weir (Fearless and The Mosquito Coast)

    Jonathan Demme (Citizen’s Band and Melvin & Howard)

    Brian Trenchard-Smith (Dead End Drive-In and Stunt Rock)

    Imamura Shohei (Vengeance is Mine and Black Rain)

    Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine and The Emperor & the Assassin)


    I’d love to see some earlier James Foley films (Reckless, At Close Range, After Dark My Sweet, Glengarry Glen Ross).

    Also, I’d kill for Don Siegel, Jonathan Demme, and Kathryn Bigelow runs.


    Beamish – the trailer for Demme’s Citizen’s Band played recently before Smokey and the Bandit and it reminded me that I really need to see that movie.

    Good call, Bertrand. I’d especially love to see Foley’s Reckless and Bigelow’s Blue Steel on screen. I’ve seen a lot of Siegel at the Bev and would always love to watch more. Two that made a particular impact were Charley Varrick and The Lineup, both of which were new to me when I caught them at the theater.


    Brian DePalmaDressed to Kill // Body Double

    Oliver Stone U-Turn // Any Given Sunday

    David CronenbergShivers // Rabid

    Don CoscarelliPhantasm // Phantasm II

    Tom HollandFright Night (1985) // Child’s Play

    Mel BrooksRobin Hood: Men In Tights // Dracula: Dead & Loving It

    Sergio LeoneDuck, You Sucker // Once Upon A Time In America

    Steve MinerFriday The 13th II // Friday The 13th III

    Clive Barker Nightbreed // Lord Of Illusions

    John Landis Trading Places // Spies Like Us

    Joe DanteThe Howling // Matinee

    Jean-Pierre JeunetCity of Lost Children // A Very Long Engagement


    They did a bunch of Kat Shea at Film Forum when I was last in NYC. Wasn’t able to make any of them. Women as Genre – was what the set of movies were called I think.


    Scott – Film Forum’s Genre is a Woman schedule was a revelation and I seriously considered flying out for a few of the films. They borrowed some of my prints, though, so I guess I can live vicariously through that.

    Here’s what they played, including Kathryn Bigelow’s Blue Steel and Katt Shea’s Dance of the Damned / Stripped to Kill II




    Starship Troopers was so awesome over the weekend that I’d love to see more Verhoeven. Maybe a double bill of Robocop & Total Recall or Basic Instinct & Showgirls. Or any screening of Flesh+Blood.


    I’d love to see more of Verhoeven’s Dutch-language films at the New Bev. You showed Soldier of Orange not too long ago, and movies like SPETTERS and THE FOURTH MAN are terrific with appreciative audiences.


    Would love to catch a romantic drama double from director Gina Prince-Bythewood: Love & Basketball and Beyond the Lights would make a great pair.


    Fear and Loathing and Doctor Parnassus.

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