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    After catching the Baumbach/Paltrow De Palma doc last month, I’ve been digging deep into the Brian D. filmography of late. I’d love to see the New Bev do a De Palma retrospective, a la the Friedkin run last May, not just for the heavy hitters like Blow-Out, Dressed to Kill, Carrie, The Untouchables, etc., but for outliers like The Fury, Obsession, Raising Cain, etc. Hell, even Snake Eyes would be fun to see on the big screen again, and that’s after seeing it 12 times theatrically (in high school I was a projectionist at my local drive-in theater where it ran as the b-film for a month).

    Also, Phantom of the Paradise would be the perfect Saturday midnight movie for that month!

    What say you, New Bev? Wouldn’t this be fun?


    We’re all, of course, big fans of De Palma here at the theater. Last year we ran a stunning print of The Fury during our Cassavetes as Actor series as well as a midnights of Phantom of the Paradise and Blow Out. No doubt we’ll certainly be seeing more in the future.


    Yeah–that Blow Out 4th of July screening last year was a 2015 highlight!


    I always look back at two De Palma doubles as some of my fave nights at the New Bev:

    On my birthday in 2010 there was a double of Blow Out and the wildly underrated Femme Fatale . Editor & frequent De Palma collaborator Paul Hirsch attended for a revealing Q&A.

    In 2007 there was a double of Scarface and Carlito’s Way. Both are pretty long and, for some reason, the second film started really late. There must have been some problem with a projector or something like that. I was by myself, tired and impatient and decided to leave. But halfway down the block I rallied, headed back and was treated to an absolutely stunning Universal archive print of Carlito’s Way. It was a great decision.


    That print y’all had of Phantom last year was absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to see that again.


    My DePalma grail screening would be a combo of the DeNiro comedies GREETINGS and HI MOM! The latter is fairly easily obtainable from MGM, but the latter, while owned by them, is very scarce; Metrograph in NYC had to import an overseas print to screen for their DePalma retrospective.


    The BLOW OUT-FEMME FATALE double back in 2010 has to be one of the best nights at the New Beverly I’ve ever had. Later that year was a double of HI, MOM! and THE UNTOUCHABLES which was pretty special as well. I hope there’s more De Palma to come in the future.


    Phil, I caught FEMME FATALE on 35mm at the Aero last month. It seemed to perplex the audience–even one that was obviously attuned to De Palma’s obsessions. But I believe it’s a masterpiece and the last truly great De Palma after CARLITO’S WAY. I think it would play very well at the Bev.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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