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    Okay! I’m going to ask two questions that’ve probably been asked 100 times before. I did a search but couldn’t find any definitive answers so I’ll ask them here with the FULL understanding that I’m a big idiot with horrendous personal hygiene who doesn’t deserve love of any sort or eyes so please save your flaming for when I say something SUPER stupid.


    1. What’s the official cell phone policy at the New Bev?

    Internally I hope it’s a place where cell phones don’t blaze to life at all but you never know. Is there a “100% NO!” Drafthousey vibe or are people allowed to light them up?

    2. Since there’s no reserved seating (Thank-you, Beezus), how long before the start time should I show up to pick up tickets at Will Call and still get a good seat that isn’t on the front row aisle?



    Welcome to the forum!

    1. Phone use is strictly prohibited in the auditorium once the show has started – that includes the pre-show and trailers. While we always have someone monitoring the crowd, if you ever spot a rogue phone user, please alert staff.

    2. For our nightly double features we generally open the box office & doors between 30 minutes and a full hour before showtime, depending on how busy it is. It’s always difficult to gauge when the line will start but generally it comes together about an hour before showtime.


    Thanks so much, Phil! Not sure exactly how I posted the question here but am thankful for your kind, quick response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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