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    Pardon if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I didn’t see anything about this after some scanning.

    I’m wondering if The New Bev can elaborate on the decision to make popular screenings into 100% advance ticket sales. I was used to the “we’ll have about 120 tickets at the door” policy and maybe it was just me, but I was more than happy with that system. I’m sure a big reason for the 100% advance ticket sales is “well people get pretty bummed when they wait in a long line and then they’re sold out.” I get that.

    On Twitter it just says “due to popular demand” when you make these announcements. Surely in the past there have been wildly popular screenings, yet the 120 rule was there. I don’t use MoviePass anymore, but when I did – it made getting into those screenings possible. And even now as a non-MoviePass user, I just straight up prefer to wait in line for tickets rather than buying them online via a service in advance. I mean I’m going to stand in line anyway to get a seat I want, so why not let some people buy them at the door for these popular screenings? If 120 leads too many people on or has the potential to leave a lot of unsold tickets, why not bump it down to 60, 40, 25?


    For 99.99% of New Bev screenings, we still hold back an allotment of tickets for sale at the door. For the vast, vast majority of screenings, there’s no need to even buy tickets in advance and we have more than enough seats to accommodate everyone. However, on rare occasions, the projected attendance far exceeds what we can handle, creating quite a number of issues, including managing customer expectations, policing line cutting & dealing with other shenanigans. Huge crowds like this also affect our neighboring businesses, local parking, etc, especially when some lines start 12 or more hours ahead of showtime.

    Judging by the number of people who emailed, called and commented on our John Carpenter & Kurt Russell double feature, the interest for this show was way off the charts. The last time a show proved to be this popular, and we saved an allotment of tickets to sell at the door, we turned away hundreds of people, which causes far more disappointment, anger & confusion than simply selling all of the tickets online.

    From the feedback we’ve received, it seems the vast majority of our customers for these ultra-popular shows are much happier when we release all tickets online. Many New Bev regulars drive hours to get here (shout out to our huge contingent of San Diego fans!) or work during the day; with a pre-purchased ticket they don’t have the stress of not knowing if they’re going to get in.

    But we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and are always open to hearing your comments, concerns & suggestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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