Prevue: Murphy’s Law

A behind-the-scenes look at a Charles Bronson favorite

“In Hollywood, escaping death is the easy part; it is the crashes which ultimately separate the boys from the Bronsons, especially in Murphy’s Law.” In the May 1986 issue of Mediascene Prevue, journalist Terry Shaw visits the set of Charles Bronson’s new film to talk to the stone-faced star and his frequent collaborator, director J. Lee Thompson, providing a unique glimpse into working on a low budget action flick fave from the Cannon Group. Later in the issue, Prevue provides an in-depth interview with co-star and New Bev fave Angel Tompkins about cinematic sex appeal, working in the exploitation film world and going on a date with Henry Kissinger. Murphy’s Law screens September 10 at midnight as part of our month-long J. Lee Thompson Film Festival.

Download a PDF of Prevue’s Murphy’s Law film preview

Download a PDF of Prevue’s interview with Angel Tompkins

“I don’t have any friends and don’t want any.” – Charles Bronson

“We had no time to rehearse at all and that’s how Charlie likes it.” – director J. Lee Thompson

“I think I broke the record for keeping the male species erect!” – Angel Tompkins

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