Modern Teen: Charles Bronson

Long before he was a household name, Charles Bronson caught the eye of Modern Teen magazine. In a December 1957 profile, Teen sat down with the then-36 year old heartthrob to investigate his background and upbringing, while saluting him “for being first, a darn good actor; second, a genuine person and not a phony; and third, the most rugged man in Hollywood!” Read the Full PDF

We’re curious what Modern Teen would have thought of the older Charles Bronson, especially in his two most extreme Cannon Films thrillers, Kinjite: Fordbidden Subjects and 10 to Midnight, both screening in 35mm at the New Beverly September 13.

“Before we put him on the cover of Modern Teen, as an experiment, we showed the transparency to countless teenage girls (and some a lot older, too). They all flipped over his rough-and-ready looks.”

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