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Witney Seibold was born in the United States. When he's not caring for his young son, he co-hosting his own long-running film review podcast, and writing reviews for numerous outlets around this great, wacky city of ours.

He is the author of "Milo Multigrain," an online comic strip for children. He is an ordained minister in The Church of the SubGenius, a lover of fine donuts, and a voracious collector of oddball music. He was once attacked by a swan.

Name three movies that changed your life:

The Wizard of Oz, Eraserhead, and Persona

What’s one bad movie you love?

Super Mario Bros.

What’s one great movie you hate?

Animal House

Guilty pleasure movie?

Anything with the words Star Trek in the title.

Most cinematic moment?

When The Tingler is let loose in the theater.