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Lifelong video maniac & horror fiend committed to sharing good movies with good people. I’ve hosted, programmed & promoted screenings at a variety of venues across the country, including hundreds of midnight mind melters, wild Q&As and you-just-had-to-be-there cinematic question marks.

I assembled the US premiere of Edgar Wright’s debut feature A Fistful of Fingers, the worldwide theatrical premiere of the direct-to-video masterpiece Deathstalker II and unveiled the elusive Outlaw Vern at a full day of Steven Seagal skull crackers (the pony-tailed one himself called in to say hello). I'm a massive fan of Adam Sandler (yep, even the new ones), once sat through a marathon of all eight Paramount-era Friday the 13th slasher classics (my favorite franchise) and was even featured in not one, but two, nerdy documentaries on vcr culture. In short, I’m obsessed with movies.

Best big screen pet:

Morris the Cat in SHAMUS

Three movies that changed me forever:

Every movie I’ve watched has had a collective influence but, undoubtedly, the three most import are HEAVENLY BODIES (never give up on your dreams and never back down from an aerobics marathon), DAWN OF THE DEAD (when in doubt, head to the mall) and FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (always lock the bathroom door).

Best New Bev memory:

Almost too many to list: taking a date to Umberto Lenzi’s cannibal gut-muncher MAN FROM DEEP RIVER, the crowd at the first All Night Horror Show losing their fucking minds during the live birth sequence in TEENAGE MOTHER, the entire audience on their feet & dancing to PURPLE RAIN, surviving 12 straight hours of Dolph Lundgren movies on the massive I Must Break You marathon, getting a stomachache from laughing so hard during Preston Sturges’ CHRISTMAS IN JULY (It’s not the coffee, it’s the bunk!) and the Rock Hudson & Doris Day comedy PILLOW TALK, converting new recruits to the magic of aerobicsploitation with HEAVENLY BODIES, and, of course, making new friends, debating the merits of FRIDAY THE 13th PART V, and just having a damn good time at the movies.