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I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where my father, along with his brother and sister, all had/have careers in the film industry. I've lived here my whole life, except for the four years I spent at UC Santa Cruz. As a kid my parents took my family to the movies very regularly. The nights that my parents went out to dinner, my brother, sister and I would plop down in front of the TV and see what HBO and Cinemax had to offer. On weekends in my early teens it was pretty common for me to sleep on the couch instead of my bed, because I would be up so late channel surfing through many of the movie channels that cable had to offer.

Since my father was a filmmaker, I had been on and around sets quite a bit as a kid and even ended up with small roles in a few of his films. I was never too interested in making movies, but as a life long fan, I have always wanted to work with movies in one way or another. I got a summer job during college as an on-set production assistant on a young-teen movie my uncle was making. After college I started collecting laserdiscs and supported myself for a year by selling laserdiscs online. Once I slowed that down, I worked at an art house theater and ended up working for a year as a publicist at a firm that handles foreign and documentary films, before returning to the theater for a couple years. As a long time fan and patron of the New Beverly Cinema, I am honored and excited to be able to help this wonderful institution continue to bring great films to its eager audience.

Name three movies that changed your life?

1. Rumble in the Bronx - This is the film that started my obsession with all things Jackie Chan and introduced me to HK martial arts and action films (one of my favorite genres).
2. The Shawshank Redemption - When I was 11 years old my father dragged a good friend of mine and me to see this at the Cinerama Dome. Neither of us were happy to be seeing a drama and were expecting it to be a major snooze-fest. By the time it was over we were riveted, and for months after would make references to it and comment on how great it was. Prior to seeing this film, I was pretty much only interested in comedies and big budget action flicks. After seeing it, I realized that a "serious drama" could be engrossing and in the end, just as entertaining as the popcorn flicks I grew up on.
3. Freaked - This one taught me that even movies that don't get wide theatrical releases can be really good. It also made me learn what a cult film was as I would try to show friends my VHS copy that I taped off of HBO, with many giving me weird looks and wanting to turn it off half way through, and a few others spitting out their sodas from laughing so hard along with me.

Who are your four favorite directors?

Listed alphabetically, not by preference.
P.T. Anderson - Delivers very interesting and powerful dramas with great actors giving great performances.
Stephen Chiau - Always delivers great comedies with impeccable timing, insane stunt sequences and set pieces, while getting great performances from his actors, often while he is starring in the film and giving a great performance as well.
David Cronenberg - Creeps me out, in the best way, while making me think.
Terry Gilliam - One of the few filmmakers who has made movies that captured my imagination as a kid and movies that interest me as an adult. Brazil is the first "art film" I fell in love with in my younger days.

Preferred movie snack?

Popcorn is not only my preferred movie snack, but probably the food item that I eat the most regularly and in the largest quantities in my daily life. The only person I know who eats as much popcorn as I do is my mother.

Best New Bev memory?

Too many to mention. My main memories are seeing the always kind and smiling Michael Torgan before and after so many great movies and thanking him as I left. Having my brain fried by Brian Quinn and Eric Caidin's Grindhouse nights. Getting excited about the new (to me) Hong Kong flicks that Brian would show at his Eastern Grind nights and picking his brain afterwards for more tips and info on the subject. Getting to meet and get friendly with the most enthusiastic and nicest movie lover I know, Phil Blankenship, while taking in his onslaught of awesome midnight movies (some of which I knew and loved already, but many that he introduced me to).
Two specific memories that come to mind: Seeing my uncle introduce Humanoids From The Deep with editor Mark Goldblatt at a midnight screening and seeing Freaked in a theater for the first time, with the cast and creators doing a Q&A.


Collecting old home videos with an emphasis on laserdiscs. Turntablism and collecting records. Collecting Jackie Chan posters (as well as other cool movie posters). Disc Golf.