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i hail from fort worth texas and lived all over the state for most of my life. i fell in love with music at an early age, singing all the time, but that soon transitioned into love of coffee followed by film.

i started a coffee bar inside of a cinema in fredericksburg texas and the cinema bug bit me. i learned theater management and projection. i was smitten. i landed in austin, texas at the right time to love movies. it was the last art mecca in the entire state. i of course immediately became a regular of the Alamo Drafthouse downtown location on colorado and thank god for that timing. thus began my film education not driven by my own hands.

i experienced the tail end heyday of the Alamo Drafthouse and it took me on a new path i never expected. then the day came and i was hired at the historic Dobie Theatre. it was what i always dreamed of. i finally felt at home again. i fell in love with exhibition all over again. home to historic events like jumpstarting Richard Linklaters's career, Slacker showed for 1 entire year, old QT fests were held there, and Wes Anderson even worked there as a concessionaire for a short time back in the day. i took the GM position at the Dobie about 1 year before Landmark closed it’s doors. i ran it with my heart. i tried to save what i knew was worth saving. i reached out to everyone, generated extra revenue, did extra advertising, even tried to self operate, tried everything I could, but everything comes to an end sometimes.

i then moved on to co-found Cinema41 with Ryan Darbonne (AFF). Cinema41 still runs to this day in austin, hosting screenings as an independent film series, working to create and exhibit overlooked independent gems of the past. at the time, it was the only film series in austin of its kind.

i moved to california, and san diego seemed to be a pit stop as i’m now in los angeles, loving film prints every day of the week. i love working at the New Beverly Cinema and am happy to be part of its home. You may also feel my presence in the projection booths at the USC Department of Cinematic Arts. i love putting on a good show. i love going to the movies, and I want everyone else to, as well. i'm currently working on long term plans to start a film festival and perhaps one day own and manage my own cinema.

Favorite movies?

Brazil, Ed Wood, Amadeus, Rushmore, Bugsy Malone, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Who are your six favorite directors?

Terry Gilliam, Gregg Araki, John Waters, Lars Von Trier, Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch

Favorite cinematic moment?

The Umbrella number in "Singin in the Rain" makes me misty everytime. Watching "Anguish" in a cinema is my favorite meta cinema in all cinema experiences!!

First New Beverly double feature?

I drove up from San Diego, when I lived there, and brought a friend to see "Zombie" for the first time. Technically, I didn't stay for the second film so my first official double feature was a Doug Liman double of "Go" followed by "Swingers"


School, Eating Mac N Cheese, Watching Movies, Eating, Opera, Living inside Movie Theaters, Board Games, Karaoke, Driving, Thinking about Dinosaurs, Drinking Milkshakes, Late Night Arcades, Procrastinating, Sleeping, Going to the Video Store, and Eating.