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Grew up on a small farm in Colorado where her parents still live. Learned to project film when she was still a teenager at a Mann Theaters in Colorado Springs. After showing an aptitude for projection they sent her to Mann's Projectionist School in Denver where she earned her certification as a projectionist.

Has worked as a projectionist for Grauman's Chinese Theater, The Cinerama Dome / Arclight Hollywood and The Cinefamily.

Has very strong opinions about Michael Bay and his poor cue placement in his films.

Name three movies that changed your life?

1. Harold & Maude
2. Planet of the Apes
3. Freaks

What’s one bad movie you love?


Most cinematic moment?

"Lawrence of Arabia" Pick any shot or scene.

Your two favorite movie star/actor/director crushes are?

E.T. and that karate mullet guy in Roadhouse.

Preferred movie snack?

Milk Duds