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Studied acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Or as one of my teachers once said, The American Academy of Dramatic gestures) in New York, NY. Did a few plays in the local area, putting to work all those dramatic gestures, and wowing audiences in the North East.

Moved to California, where I studied and performed Improv comedy for 8 years. Got to perform with a lot of talented, funny, smart, comedic actors and writers.

Decided to go back to school, to study New Media; producing, editing video for the Internet (The title New Media was just a facade. It was really film school.) When I was done, I actually landed jobs in the field I studied in! Unlike acting where...I don't want to go there right now.

Even before I started working there, The New Beverly Cinema was my favorite theater to see old movies. I'd like to share a mystery regarding my employment at the New Beverly. No one knows exactly when I started there. Not even myself. I think it was sometime around 2009, or maybe 2010.

Name three movies that changed your life?

2001: A Space Odyssey
A Hard Days Night
Blade Runner

What’s one bad movie you love?

The Green Slime

What’s one great movie you hate?

Last Tango in Paris

Guilty pleasure movie?

UFO's are Real (1979)

First New Beverly double feature?

Raiders of the lost Ark / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom