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Emma spent the majority of her childhood idolizing hollaback girl Gwen Stefani (fellow Orange County native) and trying not to get in trouble so she could stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. (Her parents cruelly banned SNL as a form of restriction when Emma was bad.) This young Tina Fey wannabe moved on to high school (all girls catholic prep school, `a la Ladybird) where she discovered her love of comedic writing and holding court with a microphone. She enjoyed the thrill of getting a reaction with words and punchline timing so much that she successfully ran for president... four times. In her mind, one of her greatest comedic acts was being a competitive athlete as a swimmer and water polo player.

During this awkward stage of adolescence, she relished how her life paralleled characters and storylines found in John Hughes movies, and she also devoutly studied the craft of Wes Anderson and Monty Python by reading screenplays for fun in the back of her 5th period Chemistry class. Later, Emma moved on to higher education attending college in the Hudson River Valley, majoring in film and creative writing while also channeling her decades-late primal urge to be at Woodstock.

At Marist College, she spent time at WMAR hosting her own radio show in addition to working on campus as a film archivist handling precious footage from Lowell Thomas’ personal collection. Some of her coolest film discoveries include finding clips of Lowell Thomas with Lawrence of Arabia, Charlie Chaplin, and Winston Churchill. In New York, Emma enjoyed being surrounded by creative friends like filmmakers, photographers, and unlicensed tattoo artists. Oddly enough, she can even add that she was a NCAA Division I athlete for one year (someone please tell this girl to quit water polo).

She even did a few other cool things like minoring in acting for 45 minutes, making experimental short films with friends, and having a few poems published in the school magazine. Being near NYC was interesting in a somewhere-between-Woody Allen/Spike Lee/Martin Scorsese sort of way. After graduation, she decided to move back to California to continue finding inspiration in the world of entertainment.

Name three movies that changed your life?

Meatballs, The Royal Tenenbaums, Steel Magnolias

Guilty pleasure movie?

Earth Girls Are Easy

Your two favorite movie star/actor/director crushes are?

Jeff Goldblum, Taika Waititi

What is your ultimate double feature?

The Spy Who Loved Me & Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me