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I’ve slid home on concrete to score a point in Monster Ball. I pulled out a chunk of my neighbor’s hair because he said I wouldn’t. I was tested and diagnosed with ADD because in elementary school I preferred to stand rather than sit. I went to band camp for the flute. With friends, I made a secret hang spot in the middle of the forest, of which the guys on my High School track team destroyed and took shits in. I‘ve eaten a 12-inch pizza pie to myself. My first car was a ‘97 Volvo. From New York, hustling in LA. I make movies. I make photos. IG: @daniellekaragannis & website:

Name three movies that changed your life:

Requiem for a Dream, Tree of Life, Now and Then

Most cinematic moment?

The overture to 2001, ArcLight Dome.

What is your ultimate double feature?

Practical Magic and The Craft

Why do you love movies?

The countless of pieces and the undeniable passion, energy, and time that goes into making vision reality.


Observing, photo’ing skaters, listening to records, standing in nature, running in nature, playing chase around the couch with my cat.