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Charlie Tarabour was born and raised in the lily-white Chicago suburbs. (Not the ones where John Hughes movies were filmed, but eerily similar.) He filled his youth with clandestine SNL viewings at friends’ houses and experiments in music file sharing.

He was lucky enough to escape his hometown’s upward mobility and go to film school where he fell in love with writing of all kinds, unfortunately going through a few poetry phases. He DJ’ed at his college radio station (hello, ladies) and organized film screenings for his school and the Boston Underground Film Festival. He started a band with friends and they attempted to turn their house into a music venue. This led to their eventual performance of several hours’ community service for the city of Boston.

He headed west to outrun his criminal past and establish a new identity as an unproduced screenwriter and micro-cinema programmer. He hawked these wares at the legendary Jumpcut Café in Los Angeles.

He’s currently writing scripts and short fiction for, a lit journal he co-founded in a Hollywood garage. He can also be found perusing the shelves at used bookstores and attempting to mediate arguments at theaters citywide.

Name three movies that changed your life?

Almost Famous, Dr. Strangelove, Taxi Driver

Most cinematic moment?

The end of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Who are your four favorite directors?

Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, David Cronenberg, Richard Linklater

Dream double feature:

Bully & The Warped Ones

Best New Bev memory:

Taking my parents to see Once Upon A Time In The West