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Brian first fell in love with the movies as a young child, endlessly watching black & white films on the family television set. Since his only family TV was a black & white set in the early 70's, all movies were black & white films to him at first (including Technicolor wonders like "The Wizard of Oz"). His first cinematic loves were the comedies of the 1920's and 1930's, initially fueled by TV viewings of Robert Youngson compilations like "Days of Thrills and Laughter" and "When Comedy Was King", along with classic horror, sci-fi and monster films. He'd often abandon his friends mid-play on a Saturday afternoon to run home and catch a Harryhausen film or an obscure Joe E. Brown comedy playing on TV. By the 1980's his childhood love for horror, sci-fi and monster films transformed into a love for all things weird in both film and music, sending him on a teenage journey into the worlds of punk rock and exploitation film on offer in a decaying NYC.

After a career trajectory that took him from managing an independent record store, to running the research department at the Museum of Broadcasting, followed by a stint as an executive at Miramax Films, Brian found himself in Los Angeles where he teamed up with old friends Eric Caidin (of world-famous movie collectible store Hollywood Book & Poster) and Johnny Legend to present the Grindhouse Film Festival screening series at the New Beverly Cinema. After twelve years of programming and presenting the Grindhouse screenings at the New Bev, Brian came on board as a full-time manager of the theater for our grand re-opening in 2014.