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Ashley was lured into film by a neighbor who recorded every single movie onto VHS tapes and let people rent them out; the neighborhood, black-market Blockbuster. After a suggestion of John Carpenter’s The Fog (a probably not age appropriate, and definitely not parent approved movie), Ashley was hooked on all things film and horror.

What came after that was a bit of the usual life stuff: there was a move to Missouri in high school, which resulted in Ashley’s entrenchment in the local documentary film fest. Then, there was a stint in grad school in Canada for Biological Anthropology, which ended in Ashley moving back to Missouri... but that led to a job at the local indie theater as a projectionist! (And subsequent and constant confusion from her parents on what she was doing with her life).

Ashley even lived the nomadic life, projecting at various film festivals around the US, but finally wanted a stable life for her cat, Gwen. She intends for the sun-filled days outside the dark booth to provide time for her other loves - screen printing, embroidery, pie baking, biking, vintage dresses. But don’t kid yourself, she still spends most of her time watching campy horror films with anyone willing to sit through them.

One bad movie you love?


Guilty pleasure movie?

CLUE, but really this isn’t guilty, it’s an everyday pleasure

Most cinematic moment:

Tie between two scenes involving some dude chests: the chest burster scene in ALIEN and the chest defibrillation scene in THE THING

Ultimate double feature:

Literally just spinning a wheel of all of Nicolas Cage’s films and playing the first two it lands on

Preferred movie snack:

a red wine spritzer and sour patch kids